If you need your FAITH to be strengthened then according to the Word of God you need to HEAR the Word…

Romans 10:17
“So then FAITH cometh by HEARING and HEARING by the Word of God…”

And though it may not be popular in today’s society, the Word of God even says in that same chapter… “How can one HEAR without a PREACHER and how can one preach unless he be sent?”

I personally believe the Word of God and I choose to “Walk by FAITH & Live by FAITH” and I know that I am a “Sent Preacher” of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, therefore…I will be PREACHING the Word of God on this Sunday morning and I invite you to be my guest at 10 am during our Family & Friends Day celebration as we continue our series on #NOWFAITH…dinner will be served immediately following Worship Service.

Somebody needs to be encouraged to hold on…to not give up…to trust in the Lord. Somebody is in that place in his/her walk with the Lord where they are saying, “Lord I believe, but help now my unbelief…”

Pls join us on Sunday morning so that Iron can Sharpen Iron.

God Bless You…Iron Sharpening Iron


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